Where it all began.

It was a blustery day when we headed to Holme Pierpoint on the 20th May for Chris to compete in the Emergency Services Tri. At least he was competing in that wave – he had a relatively sensible start time, as opposed to the silly o’clock start the waves of the East Midlands sprint series were enjoying.

I should probably point out that it was my birthday weekend. And the weather was pants… did I mention that? Anyway, my tolerance levels were lower than normal, and as we drove FOREVER to get to the car park (read field)….its safe to say I could think of a number of things I would rather have been doing.

Anyway, we get out of the car, to head to transition.. and so it began. The changing of wheels.. and wheel related paraphernalia…. and the pumping of tyres…all in gale force gusty winds. Then the guy next to us needed to borrow some tools to sort out his bike. And then I started to wonder… how does the FAFF that is triathlon relate to the length of said race? How much FAFF is there, and how much RACING is there? And that is how the Faff 2 Race Ratio was born.

It’s probably fairly apparent by now that I’m not a triathlete. I’m a runner. When I go to a  race, I’m usually wearing all I need to compete in, and the main things I need to remember are my race number, pins,and spare loo roll. That’s about as complicated as it gets.

Whilst I’m not a triathlete, I am a very experienced triathlon supporter, so this is how its gonna work. For each Tri we go to, Chris will report on the racing side of things (and associated faff), and I will report from a supporters’ point of view – and hopefully also include some helpful hints and tips for my fellow supporters.

Essentially we’ll be rating races on the amount of faff to race. We’re looking for that holy grail where, as far as possible, your hanging around and faffing pre race, does not exceed the amount of time you are actually racing. I’ll be honest, I don’t think such a Tri exists, but I’m willing to be proved wrong! 🙂


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